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The finest engine smartbusinesssuperpages.com is proud to announce its new directory service which is now available online to visitors and new suppliers. It boosts endless amounts of new features for customers and suppliers.
The directory comprises 3 listing levels depending upon what information the supplier has requested to be shown. We have showcase listings, premium and basic listings in all categories.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS Payment: Payment is net 15 days from issuance of invoice – Payment prior to 15 days from issuance of invoice is entitled to a 5% discount. Payments can be made by checks or by credit card. Interest: Balance unpaid within 30 days of issuance of invoice shall bear interest until fully paid.
CANCELATION POLICY: In order to cancel your services it is necessary to send a letter staying it so after the letter is receive we will close your account and services if all the requirements are up to date.


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